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Air system™
ARMoR chassis™
Linear Response Design
Multi Color Option™
Ribbon Compact Driver™
SSS design™
TST loading™

The Active Clip Eliminator (ACE) is a circuit that constantly monitors both outputs of the amplifier for continued clipping. When clipping is detected, the related input level is inaudibly reduced to the safest maximum level in order to prevent harmonics from damaging the high frequency drivers, to maintain the amplifier's sonic quality and to prevent thermal shut down.

Auto Energy Control (AEC) regulates the output voltages and currents from SA amplifiers and inaudibly prevents power overloads from damaging the loudspeaker components.

The Active Intercooled Ribbon (AIR) system is part of SA´s top touring systems: the Performer range. A fan, that is controlled by the systems amplifier, blows air directly on the voice-coil/diaphragm, reducing power compression and increasing powerhandling from 60 to 120 W. continuously.

Stands for Aluminum Reinforced Molest Resistant (ARMoR) chassis. Three millimeter thick aluminium chassis on all electronic equipment by Stage Accompany makes them virtually indestructable. Years of expertise point out that ´normal´ sheet constructions as used by many other companies simply don´t last.

Controlled Acoustic Dispersion refers to the increased vertical dispersion of the SA 8535M Ribbon Compact Driver used in the larger Studio Monitor range. This special technique makes a position-independent imaging possible, especially in a controlled environment like a studio.

Dynamic Damping Control actively compensates the effect of speaker cables and connectors between the amplifier and loudspeaker via two send/return wires to/from the loudspeaker cabinet.
This system is incorporated in all SA amplifiers and works with all DDC pre-wired cabinets.

The DollySnap is a locking system for a Dolly Board. A Dolly Board with DollySnap can be set in place and be removed in a second. This new technique replaces the old system with Velcro, which losens its strength over time and causes an unrelieable connection between the Dolly Board and cabinet. The DollySnap is developed to eliminate this side effect.

The Extended Function Network is part of the Efficiency Series amplifier range. The plug-in modules are available as XP, with a choice of cross-over frequencies or as DP, with speaker dedicated filtering, power-optimizing and clip/excursion protection.

Stage Accompany´s design philosophy starts with the Linear Response Design. All too many manufacturers do not stick with a truly linear frequency response. All SA systems are designed with this in mind, and therefore our systems are neutral sounding. This means the system can sound any way the user wants it to sound, and does not force a particular ´sound´ upon the listener.

Stage Accompany in one of the few manufacturers that allows the customer to choose a custom cabinet finish. All standard version cabinets (except F1) have the option to choose any desired RAL color! So you want green instead of black, orange instead of blue? You can get it from Stage Accompany.

Programmable Monitor System is the power unit in the BlueBox. This device powers and digitally controls the cabinets loudspeaker and Ribbon Compact Driver. It also enables the BlueBox system to be integrated into a SA-net system. With this system the parameters of up to 250 devices can be controlled from a central computer

One of the most innovative and exciting Stage Accompany developments. This mid/high frequency driver can cover a range of 1 kHz. - 30 kHz. (!) with an all new approach to the reproduction of sound. The use of an ultra light, direct radiating membrane and a Neodymium magnet system brings unequalled distortion free sound to the professional market. Read more about the Ribbon Compact Driver here.

Super Space Saving design is SA language for the very small cabinets from the Screen Series. These cabinets (the S26, S27, SL15 and SL30) fit right behind a cinema screen. The mere 9 inches (230 mm) cabinet depth was made possible through the use of the Ribbon Compact Driver instead of a horn. The compression driver and horn, traditionally used by all other manufacturers, does not allow for a similar cabinet construction without a serious compromise.

The Two Stage Tunnel loading principle: The air mass in front of the speakers is brought into resonance at a certain frequency range, thus raising efficiency. Both speakers as well as reflex-vents are coupled to the air mass (double coupled). The reflex-vents enter the tunnel at 1/3 of the length, to optimize coupling (less phase cancellation/interference from vents with speakers). The efficiency of the XL-bin for example is raised to 107 dB 1W/1m.

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