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Professional sound reinforcement is a serious matter. Since many people are dependent on the continuous operation of the system, failure in the day to day operation is not only disturbing but sometimes even disasterous. Absense of sound can have tremendous impact on many facilities where amplification is needed.

Stage Accompany is fully aware of this responsibility and therefore provides a service that is unique in the business. Stage Accompany stands not only for excellent sound reproduction but also for a fully dependable organization that understands the users needs.

When used intensively even Stage Accompany equipment sometimes needs maintenance. The number one reason for failure of pro-audio equipment in general is the absense of a professional attitude towards maintenance.
In regard to the Stage Accompany service this means that we can provide a contract for all SA users. The contract can incorporate maintenance costs and all possible costs of repair. Correct system operation is therefore guaranteed while all costs are known in advance! An end is put to insecurities that are normally associated with operation of audio systems.
This service is part of the organization and is coordinated from the head office in the Netherlands.

Need help right away ? Visit the download area to find online help on reconing SA´s loudspeakers (SA 1202, SA 1203, SA 1205, SA 1502 and SA 1503), as well as instructions for replacing diaphragms for the Ribbon Compact Driver (SA 8520, SA 8525, SA 8526 and SA 8535)

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