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Sensitivity of speaker cabinet or
system * (1W/1m) SA specs here
Amplifier power at the actual resistance
load of the above cabinet or system * * (W) SA specs here
Loudspeaker to hotspot distance * * * (m) m
Number of speaker-amps combinations
as described above
Theoretical SPL around the hotspot area dB SPL

*) For active multiway systems, do this calculation for all components separately. Sensitivity of the individual SA speakercabinets can be found in the SA speaker specs list.

* * ) Use the loudspeaker (-system) impedance to find the right amplifier output power. You can find the output power of Stage Accompany amplifiers in the SA amplifier specs list.

* * * ) The hotspot is the place you would like to concentrate the system´s output in.






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SA Quality
SPL Calculator



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