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Stage Accompany Quality

To ensure the high quality standards of the Company's sound systems, all Stage Accompany cabinets must past rigorous testing before leaving the factory.
Each loudspeaker undergoes a series of tests at Stage Accompany Factory. With the assistance of sophisticated MLSSA measuring software, and under supervision of SA's senior acoustical engineer, René van der Laan, frequency and phase characteristics are measured. Each frequency characteristic must fall within a very stringent + /- 1dB tolerance of the desired response to move into the next phase of testing.
Because measurements are important criteria, but not all-encompassing, the final quality check is done by the most sensitive measuring tool of all: the human ear. After the successful completion of all administered tests, an SA cabinet receives final approval for shipping.

Stage Accompany does not use the term "matched pair". As a result of the testing procedures each and every SA cabinet meets the high standards set by the company; therefore, it is always possible to combine cabinets from other production series.





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