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Version : 2.0, open beta
Platform : iOS, minimal iPhone 4 or iPad with iOS 6.0
Android (soon be available)

This App was born from the idea of creating a platform for testing the Stage Accompany UltraCode transmissions and to provide the Professional Audio engineer with some tools for use in live events and trade shows. The App is designed to work without the need of an Internet, Wi-Fi or BlueTooth connection.

Three features are contained in the software in this first open beta release (additional features will be added in the future).

• SPL Calculator: at the start-up of the App a page is shown with a SPL Calculator to let the user estimate a theoretical SPL around a given hotspot area at a given loudspeaker-amplifier combination.

• PD mode (Proximity Detection): in the background of the SPL Calculator screen the App is constantly "listening" through the microphone of your device for nearby (less than 10 á 15 meters) SA UltraCode transmissions. If the mobile device comes in range of a SA UltraCode signal the App reacts with a popup that shows a welcome message (Sonic Message). Leaving the covered range of the SA UltraCode signal the App shows a (15 second delayed) popup, with a goodbye message. This feature can for instance be used at a live event or a trade show.

• LS mode (Light Show): when the Light Show button is selected you can tap on the greyed-out SA logo, which will cause the logo to glow. The App is now listening for SA UltraCode signals that will change the color of the screen. The codes corresponding to each color can be controlled by the light operator’s DMX console. At an event It's even possible to send these UltraCodes to all mobile devices (in range, with the App installed and active) to take part in the "on stage" light show. The transmission of these UltraCodes (inaudible for humans and animals) to mobile devices at a live event requires very powerful high frequency transducers. Therefore Stage Accompany developed the RB3 enclosure, from the Sonic Message Series, which consists of three SA8535 Ribbon Compact Drivers. The SA8535 is the only driver in the Pro Audio industry capable of producing these high frequencies at very high SPL levels needed at live events.

Join the Stage Accompany StageTools App Open Beta Program.
Stage Accompany is looking for iOS and Android testers like you. If you would be interested in using a great new Stage Accompany App and participating in our beta program, please head over to the sign-up page, to sign up.

UltraCode test page

Downloads: Manual StageTools (ENG)
  Manual StageTools (NL)
  StageTools test files



At present nobody leaves home without a smartphone.
At live events you have to look hard for someone without a smart phone. This massive presence almost begs for interaction with these devices at those events
Sending data to the mobile phones in the form of, information, advertisements, song info, contest, hyperlinks, text (real-time) provides a marketing opportunity. Also remotely "triggering" an event on the mobile phone itself, like a light show (controlled color changes of the mobile display) or send it a message with a link to a particular website are possible.

The massive use of mobile phones during a live event often completely overloads existing Wi-Fi, 3G/4G Internet and Bluetooth connections.

The challenge thus becomes to devise an alternative data carrier and the SA solution is:

Sending data through (inaudible) sound!

UltraCode test page

At present two types of codecs that are able to send data through sound are available: SA UltraCode codec and the Sonic Notify codec.

Downloads: UltraCode Information (ENG)
UltraCode Informatie (NL)
UltraCode MFC (Medium Field Communication)



The StageControl software was deloped for the Stage Accompany Digital Series (DS20 and DS50) and High-End Series amp (HE50).

Installing StageControl gives you the possibility to remotely setup, monitor and update (firmware) your SA amp(s) from the Digital Series and High-End Series through USB or Ethernet.

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • MAC OS X 10.5.8 or higher

The StageControl configuration software can be used in offline mode (Demo mode) to learn and prepare configurations, without the need to be connected to a Digital Series (or High-End Series) amp through USB or Ethernet.

Downloads: StageControl (v2.9.170), Microsoft Windows 32-bit (msi)
  StageControl (v2.9.170), Microsoft Windows 64-bit (msi)
  StageControl (v2.9.170), MAC OS X 10.5.8 or higher (zip)
  StageControl (v2.9.170), iso CD image with all the above operating systems (iso)
  StageControl quick setup guide
  DS50 (HE50) user manual


Presets DS50 (HE50)

After downloading please extract the ZIP-files to a temporary folder, and upload the preset(s) into your Stage Accompany DS50 (HE50) amplifier.

Important: Before installing one or more of the presets below, please make sure to back up your presets first.


Preset number: DS50 (HE50) Preset file: Description:
01 01__2500_____2500__.zip Full range - full power, 4 Ohm
02 02__2000_____2000__.zip Full range - full power, 2 Ohm
03 03_ab36_1____ab36_1.zip AB36, one per channel, 4 Ohm, 2500W/enclosure (recommended)
04 04_ab36_2____ab36_2.zip AB36, two per channel, 2 Ohm, 1000W/enclosure (economical solution)
05 05__ab18______pr34_.zip AB18 - PR34, bi-amp, sub - top
06 06__pr34_____pr34__.zip PR34, passive, full range
07 07___f9_______f9.zip F9, full range
08 08___m57_____m57___.zip M57, passive, full range (in wall)
09 09__m57_2____m57_2_.zip M57, passive, full range (on wall)
10 10__m57_4____m57_4.zip M57, passive, full range (free standing)
11 11__m57l_____m57h__.zip M57, bi-amp, low - high (in wall)
12 12__m57l_2___m57h__.zip M57, bi-amp, low - high (on wall)
13 13__m57l_4___m57h__.zip M57, bi-amp, low - high (free standing)
14 14__ab36_____c27___.zip AB36 - C27, bi-amp, sub - top
15 15__s26l_____s26h__.zip S26, bi-amp, low - high
16 16___c24_____c24___.zip C24, passive, full range
17 17__c24l_____c24h.zip C24, bi-amp, low - high
18 18__c27l_____c27h__.zip C27, bi-amp, low - high
19 19__p29m_____p29h__.zip P29, bi-amp, mid - high
20 20__p26m_____p26h__.zip P26, bi-amp, mid - high
21 21_av27_s____av27_l.zip AV27, tri-amp, sub - low
22 22_av27_m____av27_h.zip AV27, tri-amp, mid - high
23 23_av27_s____av27_s.zip AV27, tri-amp, sub - sub
all all_presets_ds50-he50.zip All DS50 (HE50) presets


GL20 (Genesis) Pointer

GL20 pointer calculation sheet to use with the Genesis Series mini line array.

Download: gl20pointer_v1.zip


AV27 Pointer

AV27 pointer calculation sheet to use with the Audience Series AV27 line array.

Download: av27pointer_v1.zip


    Audience Series
    Bass Series
    Champ Series
    Direct Screen Series
    Electronic Series
    Entertainer Series
    Friend Series
    Genesis Series
    Leader Series
    Master Series
    Performer Series
    Prompter Series
    Screen Series
    Sonic Message Series
  Ribbon compact driver
  SA Quality
  SPL Calculator
































































































































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