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The GL20 is a small line array loaded with the SA Ribbon Compact Driver, combined with two 8 " long excursion nemodimium drivers. It's fenominal to have this on board when you're on the move. So, when you want to be heard, let's open a new world, the World of Genesis.


For absolute top quality sound reproduction! The ultra-compact size, combined with the weight-saving all Neodymium drivers, makes the system very easy to handle.

  Technical details here (PDF) Multi Color Option™


The GL20 is a small line array and due to its wide horizontal dispersion pattern of 110 degrees suitable for use in medium concert hall, theater, nightclub or dress parades besides the ordinary in and outdoor events.

  Technical details here (PDF) Multi Color Option™


The GL23 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker system. It is a True line-array system, to be used as vertical array, either in stacked or flown configuration, for both portable and permanent installations.

GL23_Pointer_sheet Technical details here (PDF) Multi Color Option™
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